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Vicodin (Hydrocodone 5mg/Acetaminophen 325mg)

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Vicodin (Hydrocodone 5mg/Acetaminophen 325mg)

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What is Vicodin?

Vicodin is both an analgesic/painkiller and a cough reliever. It relieves moderate pain. Its active ingredients include Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen.

Vicodin is a habit forming drug. In other words, it is addictive. Regular use of Vicodin leads to dependency, both in a mental and physical sense. You also develop a level of tolerance to the drug, meaning that it will take progressively larger doses to achieve its effect.

How should one take Vicodin?

Because it is a relatively dangerous drug, Vicodin should be taken in the exact manner prescribed by your doctor. Do not increase your dosage without informing your physician. Don’t increase the number of times you take the drug each day either. If this drug is not prescribed to you, it is probably best to stay away from it.

What are Vicodin’s side effects?

If anything unusual happens to you after taking the drug, you must assume that it was an effect of the drug and inform your doctor immediately. Even if you’re wrong, your doctor will be able to help you with your condition. Side effects commonly stemming from Vicodin use include vomiting, nausea, and dizziness. Less common side effects include allergic reactions, constipation, urinary difficulties, sleepiness, mood swings, rashes, and lethargy. 

Because Vicodin will make you drowsy and unable to function at peak performance, it is important that you do not take medicine before driving a vehicle, operating heavy machinery, or anything that requires mental concentration. Pregnant women should not take Vicodin without a doctor’s permission. Those with other conditions such as kidney disorder or enlarged prostates must be wary of this drug as well.

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